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  • Diameter: 6 ft (72")
  • Height: 20"
  • Boat Weight: 55kg
  • Detachable Pedestal Mount Weight: 2.2kg
  • Boat includes 2 circle magnets, 1 spacer, and a complete set of SS hardware for mounting a pedestal base along with instruction book.

Detachable Pedestal Mount

The Ultraskiff 360 has a patented detachable pedestal mount that is compatible with both 7" square and 9" round shaped pedestal bases. When removed it makes the boat lighter to handle and keeps your seating hardware separated from the elements. It easily slides off, exposing the center hole. This centre hole is large enough to fit your hand through to allow you to easily strap them down for transport or secure storage. The detachable pedestal has shock absorbers that separate the plastic hull from the torque and pressure derived from the fulcrum of the seat pedestal into the plastic hull. This enhances the stability of the craft while preventing stress fractures in the plastic.