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Outfitting the Ultraskiff

One of the best things about the Ultraskiff is being able to customize it to your specifications. There are many different styles of seats, pedestal systems, motors, and boating accessories out there in the marketplace.

Pedestals and Seating

There are two main categories: Traditional sit-down seats that have a back rest, and casting stools without backrests.

There are many different brands of pedestal bases, poles, and seat mounts. They all share the same hole pattern dimensions to match the Ultraskiff 360 pedestal mount. You can use both round and square shaped bases with the Ultraskiff 360.

For a regular chair with a back, most pin style seats come with an 11" pole, which work fine, but if you are 5'9" in height or over it is recommended that you buy at least a 13" pole to match the height of your knees for optimum comfort. If you are over 6 ft a 15" Pole is recommended. For a casting stool anywhere from 18" to 26" in height is usually optimal.

Trolling Motor

It is recommended to use a 12V, 50lb or 55lb thrust, 36” or 42” shaft motor with variable thrust. If you are using a higher pedestal or want to steer while standing, we recommend a 42" shaft, especially if you are taller.

If you purchase a motor over 55lb of thrust than you are going over 12V which would then require a second battery for operation.

Anchor Pole and Anchors

Any shallow water Anchor Pin or Pole fits perfectly through the molded tow ring. The anchor pin or pole also doubles as a push pole and allows you to propel yourself. When in shallow water this is quiet and efficient for sneaking up on fish and holding you on your target. It is also useful for instances when the water is too shallow to run the trolling motor.

There are a variety of anchor types and sizes to choose from. A standard anchor will work, as will 4.5kg or 6kg river or mushroom anchors, because of their small size and the fact that you can just drop it underneath the boat for a hold. As a guide, you will generally need a 4.5kg anchor for freshwater fishing, and a heavier anchor for saltwater fishing or anything with a current.