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Why make Ultraskiff round?


The inventor was a kayak and lake boat fisherman who asked himself why? The answer was that kayaks were portable and low maintenance. You can launch them without a trailer, store them indoors or out, and they do not come with the boat ownership responsibilities and costs.

He was compelled to find a way to make a shorter watercraft where you could sit on any modern day pedestal system, even a long casting stool, and feel stable and safe while surrounded by features like large, deep compartments, cleats, and rod holders.

Since the Ultraskiff weighs 55kg a round shape made sense because rolling the boat like a wheel when moving it would be a unique feature in the marketplace, and it would also give a high, steady, 360 degree vantage point when turning in your chair.

That was just the beginning, after prototyping there were many more game changing features that resulted in the US Patent and Trademark Office issuing a Patent on the invention.